Danglin (Dwayne Anglin) is an astonishing combination of rare musical gifts wrapped in one explosive package.
He is first and foremost an extraordinarily gifted recording artist with vocal skills and performance capabilities to blaze any stage. Additionally, he is a brilliant and masterful songwriter/producer, and while his musical identity is anchored in his homeland reggae music, his passionate love for music knows no boundaries; as it infuses Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Funk.

Danglin’s hypnotic love for music was inevitable and perhaps genetic. His father was a great consumer of popular music; the likes of Alton Ellis, Bob Marley, Johnny Mathias and Nat King Cole among other legends. “Sunday was music day at home in Guys Hill, St. Catherine, Jamaica, but one could feel the rhythm at home seven days a week”, Danglin recalls.

At fifteen, Danglin migrated with his family to New Jersey, USA where he finished high school and joined the US Navy, taking on overseas assignments in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Australia. But even while he was engaged in a military career that took him around the globe, his yearning for music remained steadfast. Ironically, he penned his first songs while laboring in the trash room of a battle ship.

Danglin now spends most of his time in recording studios and on performance stages across Jamaica and in the United States, building a solid fan base. His two current hit singles, “Heavenly Father” and “Excuse Me Miss” are both rapidly gaining momentum on radio airways, and the true to life video for “Heavenly Father” continues to reverberate across reggae communities with its brutally frank and honest portrait of inner city realities.

Danglin has worked among many of the greatest, the likes of Tarrus Riley, Tony Rebel, and Queen Ifrika, to name a few. His most recent performances in Kingston include: the 5th Annual EME Awards 2009, Culture Yard’s 64th Annual Bob Marley Birthday Celebration, and Asylum Night Club; to rave reviews and a record number of ‘Forwards’. Beyond local shows, Danglin has performed in Japan, across the U.S. and is often found performing at most charity and awareness events: Frome Tech. High School, Shortwood Teacher’s College and Jew Pen Basic School to name a few.

The sometimes quiet and self-motivated recording artist attributes his rapid growth and acceleration to extensive travel, focus, team support and a broad range of life experiences. He has written close to 150 songs, all of which convey a positive message. He describes his music as an inclusive hybrid form of reggae that incorporates influences from other musical genres such as R & B and hip hop. “At the end of the day, my music is created to uplift and inspire,” the very articulate Danglin commented.

Danglin is very much aware of the tribulations that come with being a developing artist, but he sees each hurdle as a toughening ritual. He encourages his fans to stay positive, and put God first.